Fulfilling the wishes of our clients is our core expertise.

Planmöbel ranges go to serial production because they “work” well.

The Three-pillar-model

Made-to-measure products for individual wishes: Customising is our great strength. Your wish is our command. But we don’t just blindly implement your specifications however, because we know that there is often a difference between what a client thinks they want – and what they actually need. We know that every company, every building and every person is different.

The skill is in finding out who needs what, and finding the ideal solution for everyone. You can assure yourself here that we are masters of this skill.

LabTwin, Berlin
first pillar.

serial production.

The foundation, the beginning of a furnishing project, starts with our core assortment. A well thought-out, unagitatedly designed family of system furniture that meets the highest demands for value and economy. Sustainable, durable and of self-confident continuity. Trust in reassuring investment security.

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second pillar.

individualized serial production.

Serial furniture is mainly modified on a material basis and adapted to customer requirements. Sometimes it is only small but decisive deviations of the series products, modifications off the standard, that make the difference.

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third pillar.

Made to measure.

The best building, the best rooms and furniture for a company are always tailor-made. From corporate identity to processes to people: so many factors play a role and ultimately make a company unique. That is why one of planmöbel's most important materials is to listen. To transform your thoughts, your values and your visions into real, clear, high-quality and economical furniture. Always in close cooperation with the interior designer and also in large quantities.

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