reduced design. maximized function.

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reduced design. maximized function.

The frame profile round, square or rectangular. The tabletops are small, large or in endless construction, round or quadratic. The surfaces in a large variety of designs. Probably no m-pur workstation is the same as another. So much is possible, and it's so easy: the tables can be assembled in just a few steps and their height can be adjusted at any time. For an office as if it were tailor-made.

standing ovations - for the m-pur mechanical desk.

Design purists love the clear, uncompromising m-pur design language. Health-conscious people appreciate the adjustability of the m-pur mechanical table - from a pure sitting to a fully-fledged sit-stand workstation. The frame of the mechanically height-adjustable table is available in the three m-pur standard colours: grey-white, silver and matt black.

Simple Diversity.

A desk with clear lines: simple and straightforward, it is at home anywhere and is very flexible. It can be used to equip modern workplaces in both large and small office structures, conference rooms and executive suites.

Suitable for a wide range of scenarios, this furniture system will fit in with a multitude of different environments and requirements without appearing arbitrary or failing to make its mark.

Clarity from the word go. And limitless possibilities.

With rounded or sharp, silver, white or black edges to its frames. As for the table tops: small, large or extendable continuously, round or square. A host of different surface options.

And if m-pur does have an ever-changing look, one thing remains constant, its simple appearance that is also reflected in its construction. The desks can be put together and set up in a trice, and their heights adjusted from 68 cm to 82 cm at any time. And it is all so simple and requires no tools.

Special fittings as standard.

Special fittings such as a computer screen adapter, organizer track or panel, blinds or a rear wall can be attached to the tabletop frame quickly and easily with a clamp lever. The tabletop adapter also attaches to the desk frame and, as a second step, provides a base for PC and printer holders or the filing cabinet.

Personalized outside and inside.

Files, books, memos, CDs it is amazing how many utensils we need to work. And in order to make sure that everything is in its right place in the office Planmöbel offers different ways of organizing the inside of your storage units.

And in terms of visual appearance we also provide solutions that are much more than just standard. To match the tabletop the surface of the storage units can be supplied in compact HPL board, genuine wood veneer or Unidecor.

Working at the workbench.

On the basis of m-pur, in addition to the typical individual desk, a "workbench" can also be easily created, which is becoming increasingly popular in modern office environments. Continuous frame brackets on the outside, recessed central frames and large-format tabletops create functional and straightforward team workstations. Based on the modular principle, table systems of various dimensions can be realized and adapted to the respective room situation or work requirements.

Don’t sit hunched, stretch your legs.

Working ergonomically can be simplicity itself and can even look good at the same time. Planmöbels motorized height-adjustable desk adapts to suit any member of your staff and any function and transforms, in the twinkling of an eye, from a standard office desk to a standing desk. It can be smoothly adjusted to heights between 65 and 130 cm using touch keys.

At the motor controls, too, special fittings such as shelf profiles and holders for PC towers can be added without using tools.

Off to the meeting.

With the m-pur conference tables offering a wide range of tabletop formats, almost any meeting room can be used to its full potential - and still look good.

Central frames with connections on both sides also allow for conference systems in endless construction format.

On the surface.

Veneer, melamine, lacquer, metal and fabric it is not only on the surface of things that the possibilities of designing and combining Planmöbel furniture are almost unlimited.

Real wood veener

Maple veneer
Light maple veneer
oak limed Veneer
knotty oak Veneer
natural oak veneer
Natural walnut veneer
Walnut violet veneer
Bog oak gold veneer

Unidecor/Wood decor

Unidekor porcelain white
Unidekor grey white
Unidekor aluminum grey
Unidekor sand beige
Unidekor silver
Unidekor fango brown
Unidekor graphite
Unidekor black
wood decor
oak Wood decor
Ellmau beech wood decor

HPL compact panels

HPL compact board white gray
HPL compact board silver
HPL compact board birch gray


Nanotec matt white
Nanotec matt beige
Nanotec matt gray
Nanotec matt black


Fabric Black
Fabric Blizzard
Fabric Slip
Fabric Aruba
Fabric Manado
Fabric Ocean
Fabric Tarot
Fabric Diablo
Fabric Panama
Fabric Lobster
Fabric Scuba
Fabric Lombok
Fabric Apple
Fabric Trianons
Fabric Belcaire
Fabric Perigord
Fabric Losse
Fabric Pomerol
Fabric Dollard
Fabric Chinon
Fabric Tarascon