The benefit is the attraction.

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Direction-m Sideboards
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The benefit is the attraction.

Simply high-end a fitting way to describe direction-m, the premium segment range. Basic units and classic and geometric shapes such as side walls, container and table surface together offer a multitude of possible configurations.

A table with many faces.

The interplay of the table tops different degrees of thickness gives each table an individual face. With its filigree, thin table top, which is only 13 mm thick, the table seems to be floating. A 40 mm thick table top combined with the same basic structure makes the table appear more strongly earthed.

In conjunction with high-quality materials, which for the table tops and frames can be combined in different ways, a table emerges which always retains its character, despite being so convertible.

The details bring it to life.

Quality down to the very last detail: Diverse first-rate features such as the desk pad made out of soft-touch coating and the fold-out cable outlet with an integrated socket and network connection guarantee convenient working conditions. The fully retractable flap with cable opening is available in anodized aluminum or real wood veneer.

Order with a system.

The straight-lined and formally restrained sideboards, in a design similar to the direction-m containers, fit in well with the most diverse contexts and create a homely atmosphere in the office - and elsewhere.

The highly varied range includes cabinets with hinged doors, pull-outs or a combination of both.

Matching. But not conformist.

direction-m conference tables guarantee design continuity right into the meeting areas. Matching the desks, the conference table tops are also manufactured in 13 mm and 40 mm thickness and in analogue material qualities. The range includes rectangular, square, and round table top formats up to a depth of 120 cm and a width of 300 cm.

On the surface.

Traditional craftsmanship and industrial manufacturing are not a contradiction in terms. The art of meaningfully combining the one with the other determines the quality of our products. With regard to formal questions we do not allow mediocrity. Our design concept is enshrined in our credo: good things are simple.

Table tops with high-end veneer or lacquer finishes can be combined with high-gloss, lacquer, aluminum or real wood veneer frames.

Real wood veneer

Light maple veneer
Natural walnut veneer
natural oak veneer
knotty oak Veneer
oak limed Veneer
Bog oak gold veneer
Walnut violet veneer


Unidecor porcelain white
Unidecor sand beige
Unidecor fangobrown
Unidecor graphite


Greyish white lacquer
silver lacquer
black lacquer

High gloss surfaces

polar white


Nanotec mat White
Nanotec matt grey
Nanotec mat Black
Nanotec matt beige