corpus-c raum.

calming. inspiring. personal.

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calming. inspiring. personal.

The office is reinventing itself. Everything is becoming more open, more transparent and above all more flexible. The corpus-c raum system extension not only creates new workplaces - but also valuable retreats. Rooms for inspiration and exchange. Discover the many amazing options in the planmöbel showroom in Berlin Mitte. And get to know the personal side of corpus-c raum - individually tailored to you and your requirements.

In the fast, hectic everyday working life corpus-c radiates an invaluable calm and sovereignty. Trust in a cabinet and shelving system that has an answer to almost every question in the office. And a personal solution for almost every wish.

A homely, attractive but also structured office environment is part of the company's innovation strategy and culture. The idea behind it is as follows: People who feel comfortable and find structure where they work are creative, focused and efficient. Today's office world should be open, transparent and tidy. Therefore, more than ever before, there is a tendency towards large spatial units "open spaces", which are divided into zones by structuring elements.

Against this background planmöbel has developed corpus-c raum. As a shelving structure planned in variable segments, corpus-c can divide rooms and at the same time provide clarity and order.

The corpus-c raum elements can also be retrofitted for room division. The result is an alternation between open, gridded views and closed fronts. Built-in elements in veneer, fabric or soft-touch finishes contribute to a homely office ambience. corpus-c raum convinces not only as a structural element on the surface, but also as a designed shelf in front of the wall.

The corpus-c raum shelving system consists of firmly glued carcasses in defined widths and heights, which can be extended endlessly using shelves. The shelves are firmly connected to the sides in a predefined height grid. The modular principle with its individual equipment options and the variety of surfaces offers a wide range of design options.