clear. compatible. compact.

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corpus-c. clear. compatible. compact

Formally rather reserved, corpus-c integrates itself unobtrusively into any office situation. With its many different widths, heights and closure types, the cabinet and shelving system presents a unique wealth of variants. And its character also shows quite different facets: depending on the choice of surface, from the silent observer at the edge to the conspicuous centre of the group.

As a modular cabinet and shelving system, corpus-c can be expanded in many different ways. The elements can be combined horizontally and vertically according to a fixed height grid with the same joint pattern. The compact carcass construction, equal material thicknesses and a form-fit connection with minimal joint give the cabinet a straightforward, formally restrained appearance. Too functional to be just a cabinet door: The clean surfaces can also be used as a whiteboard.

A beautiful body and inner values.

Formally rather reserved, corpus-c fits unobtrusively into any office situation.
With its many different widths, heights and closing options, this range features impressive inner values and a wealth of different versions. And depending on the choice of surface it can play any role you wish to assign it from a quiet observer on the sidelines to the absolute centre of attention.

Clear. Compatible. Compact.

The compact structure of its body, uniform material thicknesses and a fit-to-purpose connecting element with standard industrial connectors lend this cupboard, whose top and bottom elements lie between its sides, a straightforward, formally reserved look.

As a modular cupboard and shelving system, corpus-c can be extended in many different ways. The various elements can be combined according to a fixed height grid horizontally and vertically using the same linking elements.

A suspenseful matter.

Particularly in small offices, saving space is important. Sliding and suspended doors are helpful here because they do not take up any valuable space when opened. Suspended doors that open away from the body of the cupboard close off particular sections and offer individual design oppurtunities, with their alternation between “open” and “closed”.

1-height-unit high cupboard elements can be mounted on the wall.

For the office and the living room.

The shelving system extends the various applications of the corpus-c product range. With dimensions that match the cupboards and an identical range of materials, they can be combined with one another without any problems.

And with a choice of surfaces ranging from genuine wood veneer to high-gloss finishes and suspended doors in a large number of sizes for partial areas, this shelving is also particularly suitable for the living room.

On the surface.

Melamine decor, veneer, special surfaces, lacquer, metal, fabric - it is not only on the surface of things that the possibilities of designing and combining planmöbel furniture are almost unlimited. Please find below a small selection – further materials upon request.

One-colour decor

Creme Weiß

Wood decor

Ahorn Dekor
Aragon Eiche
Carini Nussbaum
Denver Eiche
Ellmau Buche

Real wood veneer

Ahorn natur
Buche natur
Eiche natur

Real wood veneer stained

Buche Cherry
Eiche Dark
Eiche gekalkt
Nuß natur
Esche C9


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